The Shame of Innocence

A page-turning crime drama, featuring Detective Inspector Lincoln.  


'DI Lincoln has a job on his hands when a girl's body is found on the edge of a golf course and a web of corruption and shameful secrets is exposed. With every twist and turn of the story I was hooked from start to finish. A definitive 5 from me.'

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StraysandRelations final cover

Strays and Relations

A funny and poignant account of an adoptive person's search for her roots.  


'I absolutely adored this book , it has everything you want from a good book. Love, laughter, tears . I couldn’t put it down ! Dizzy takes you along with her on her amazing journey. Don’t miss an amazing read.'

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It Leaves Me the Same

Ed Green retraces the footsteps and tells the story of his great-uncle, who went off to war, aged nineteen.


'A story that made me cry as it was very close to home.

...  I was drawn in by the real story of a farm boy sent against his wishes to fight at the very end of the 'Great War'. There are lots of interesting snippets from papers at the time which create a flavour of what normal life was like back then. '




The Year the Swans Came 

Feared as birds of ill fortune, when swans return to the city they usher in love,  lies and deceit.


'This book captivated me from the beginning, I struggled to put it down the characters leapt out of the text and formed images in my mind. Wonderful.'

The Turning Point cover

The Turning Point

An intriguing collection of short stories with a twist in each tale.


'An interesting collection of stories, showing a great breadth of imagination. Concisely written with a wry turn to them, these tales are all entertaining, but I think my favourite was Sea of Heartbreak.'


A gripping tale of conscience and corruption set in seventeenth century Frome.

Sigura cover final


A brilliant coming-of-age tale from the final years of the Byzantine Empire.


'Fancy a trip to 15th century Greece? Lose yourself in the pages of this special book and you will smell the flowers, taste the food. Most of all you will be willing Nabila to survive. An excellent book and I'm looking forward to reading more by Liz Hutchinson.'


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The Last Dragon

Every day, Will builds a dragon in sand.  Every night, a dragon appears in his dreams.


'If you love stories where the dream world and everyday waking life magically overlap, this one is for you. Buy it for nine to twelve -year- olds, or enjoy it yourself. A pair of squabbling twins discover they have the power to bring to life the last survivor of an ancient race, but only if they work together...'

Zoe & the Very Grumpy Witch 

Zoe is super sensible - until she meets a grumpy teenage witch!


I bought this book for my friend's 10 year old daughter, she read it non-stop and thoroughly enjoyed it. She said it was a fun book to read. I highly recommend this beautifully illustrated book.

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The Price of Silence

A gripping new crime novel by Nikki Copleston


'An excellent read. A very well thought out novel with believeable characters whom you feel you have known for years. Looking forward to reading the next Jeff Lincoln novel.'

Click Ocean

The Click of a Pebble

You must promise never to speak out about your heritage, his grandmother warned.


'This is such a sweet, yet sad tale. Prejudices abound in this fable of shape-shifting swans, where otherwise wonderful people suddenly have a blind spot. This book is really well written and packed with tiny details making it a delight to read.'


An Ocean of White Wings

We are carinatae, shape-shifters, rulers of land, sea and air.


'This is a story that touches the heart and stays in the mind long after finishing reading it. Although I finished it two days ago, I find myself still thinking about it and feeling again the emotions aroused by the author’s skill in writing. I found myself fully immersed in the lives of the characters.'

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'This is a fast moving story of greed and passion set against philanthropy and conscience. It will appeal to all who love historical fiction, and especially to those who know its west country setting.'

Echoes of Friendship

A teenager explores life in the WW1 trenches and a present-day issue of bullying.


'A beautifully written book taking the reader backwards and forwards from the horrors and sadness of WW1 to the present day struggles of teenager Andy. The reader is given time to get to know the two main characters, Matt/Mac and Andy and their backgrounds, which gives perspective to their view on life. There are worries along the way but this book is ultimately about friendship and the positive feelings that such a relationship brings, unchanged by time or circumstances.'

The Tissue Veil

A beautifully written story of friendship across two time frames.


'I read this on a long journey and almost missed my stop! Once I'd arrived I had to keep sneaking away to read more until I'd finished it late one night! It's that good!

The story, about two parallel teenage lives, is very well researched and presented, the writing excellent and I thought the two main characters both credible and engaging.

I loved it!'

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