The Shame of Innocence

Stage-struck teenager, Emma Sherman, is found dead on a Wiltshire golf course - no witnesses. no suspects. Detective Inspector Jeff Lincoln gets little help from Emma’s neurotic mother, but he's sure she knows something. When explicit photos of Emma are found hidden in an abandoned summer house, Lincoln's sure they hold clues to her murder. But who was the photographer and why doesn't Lincoln's boss want him to find out?


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The Tissue


What if you discovered a hundred-year-old diary under your floorboards - and then found references in it to yourself? Or if you lived in 1901, yet kept seeing glimpses of a girl from modern times? And what if both of you had problems that only the other could really understand? Emily and Aysha live in the same Stepney house and an inexplicable link develops between them, fuelled by Aysha's discovery of a journal and Emily's sightings of a 'future ghost'. Each takes courage from the other's predicament - after all, what's a hundred years between friends?

Andy’s investigations into his great-grandfather Matt’s struggle for survival in the World War One trenches lead him to uncover a mystery – why and how did his grandfather become friends with a German soldier? A school trip is a chance to find out more if he can find the money to go.

But Andy has struggles of his own in the shape of the Squaddies, a gang of bullies determined to make his life a misery. Can learning about the past and making an unexpected friendship of his own give Andy the courage to face up to them?  


Echoes of Friendship

StraysandRelations final cover

Strays and Relations

Silver Crow (Medium)

Strays and Relations follows  the story of Dizzy, whose search for her birth parents is sad, humorous, and in parts bizarre.  

Dizzy Greenfield manages sensitive subject matter with engaging wit and sharply-observed dialogue, and includes vivid descriptions of some rather unusual animals and people.

This book will appeal to all readers - but especially to those who have encountered a recycled animal or family. Recommended.