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Nikki Copleston


Nikki Copleston


is a crime writer who was the granddaughter of a policeman and feels she has an affinity with the force. She is conscientious about her work - she writes every day and when not in front of her computer, her mind revolves around her plot. But she has found that she has also to be active in marketing her book, even if raising her literary profile means taking a few risks. 'Natural modesty is not much use to a writer,' she says. So she now has a blog, a Facebook page, and has developed a crime-writers’ workshop for beginners.


Her advice to new writers is to Read, Read, Read! ‘You learn from good writers, become analytical. You also learn not to be too precious about your own words and characters. If they don’t serve the plot, get rid of them!’


Nikki is a trustee of Frome Writers' Collective, a member of the Frome Small Publishers' Fair group and a member of West of England Authors group.


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Stage-struck teenager, Emma Sherman, is found dead on a Wiltshire golf course - no witnesses. no suspects. Detective Inspector Jeff Lincoln gets little help from Emma’s neurotic moher, but he's sure she knows something. When explicit photos of Emma are found hidden in an abandoned summer house, Lincoln's sure they hold clues to her murder. But who was the photographer and why doesn't Lincoln's boss want him to find out?


Our third author and book to be announced soon.

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Brenda Bannister is a talented and successful storywriter. She has published seven stories in Woman’s Weekly, came second in the 2012 Wells Festival Short Story Competition, has had two poems published and writes a regular column for the Western Daily Press.


Her first novel explores the lives of two disparate teenage girls; one, the Edwardian daughter of a tobacco merchant, the other the youngest daughter of a Bangladeshi family. Their connection is the house they both live in - a hundred years apart. Both a ghost story and a social commentary, it describes the effect of family influences on them both. Brenda's inspiration came from the old houses in the area in London's East End, where she used to work, and the changes they had witnessed.


She believes in writers helping writers and she put this into practice by becoming a founder member and trustee of the Frome Writers Collective.


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What if you discovered a hundred-year-old diary under your floorboards - and then found references in it to yourself? Or if you lived in 1901, yet kept seeing glimpses of a girl from modern times? And what if both of you had problems that only the other could really understand? Emily and Aysha live in the same Stepney house and an inexplicable link develops between them, fuelled by Aysha's discovery of a journal and Emily's sightings of a 'future ghost'. Each takes courage from the other's predicament - after all, what's a hundred years between friends?

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Brenda Bannister