The Shame of Innocence

A page-turning crime drama, featuring Detective Inspector Lincoln.  

NC 6 Front Cover (Medium)

The Tissue Veil

'A beautifully written story of friendship across two time frames.  

TV Cover 1


Echoes of Friendship

A teenager explores life in the WW1 trenches and a present-day issue of bullying.

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StraysandRelations final cover

Strays and Relations

A funny and poignant account of an adoptive person's search for her roots.  

Ed Front Cover

It Leaves Me the Same

Ed Green retraces the footsteps and tells the story of his great-uncle, who went off to war, aged nineteen.



The Year the Swans Came (Medium)

The Year the Swans Came Feared as birds of ill fortune, when swans return to the city they usher in love, but also lies and deceit.

The Turning Point cover

The Turning Point

A new collection of short stories with a twist in each tale.

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Silver Crow Story Posterv5 (Medium)

Silver Crow  


A quality imprint for independent, co-published books

Star1 (Small) Sigura cover final


A brilliant coming-of-age tale from the final years of the Byzantine Empire.

Mary cover 3 Zoe fron cover (Medium)

The Last Dragon

Every day, Will builds a dragon in sand.    Every night, a dragon appears in his dreams.

Zoe & the Very Grumpy Witch Zoe is super sensible, but all that changes when she meets a grumpy teenage witch!

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Publication date: November 18th

A gripping new novel by Nikki Copleston