Silver Crow (Medium)

'The story has lots of pace and the author manages to guide the reader through a maze of complex characters and backgrounds without losing impetus. And best of all, the twist at the end comes out nowhere. A very satisfying read.'

'It's satisfyingly long, but you just can't stop turning the pages; the mark of a good story. The tale, and the way it's told, keeps you entertained and curious right to the end - and the end comes with a little surprise. You close the book wanting more - what's not to like!'

'This is a gripping story from start to finish. It has a cleverly constructed plot and a clear, easy way of writing that takes you through the complexities of the story and characters in great style. Writing with drama and conviction!'

NC 6 Front Cover (Medium) TV Cover 1

'Deftly structured, this is an intriguing and compelling story of two young women in the same house in London a century apart, facing similar issues as they struggle for autonomy. The characters and dialogue are all richly achieved and the weaving together of the two narratives is masterly. I couldn't put it down and only wished I knew a young woman to buy it for.'

'The writing is wonderfully elegant, it really flows. The supernatural element is handled with such a light touch, yet brought out goose-pimples! There is a satisfying conclusion with the threads all tied up, but some good twists at the end.'

'Gripping read. I'm finding it hard to put down! I love the way the story is told from two different points in history.'

StraysandRelations final cover WW1

Wendy Worley’s debut novel is a well thought out and compelling text. She links a well-researched real family story from one hundred years ago with an imaginative story about a group of teenagers studying the First World War at school. Many of the issues facing the youngsters today – friendship, bullying, accepting difference – occur equally in the war story.

A beautifully written book taking the reader backwards and forwards from the horrors and sadness of WW1 to the present day struggles of teenager Andy.

Coming soon.